I was bored so I decided to post this (for you Miharu)

I think this is hillarious… I love it when she gets all ruffled up…. She's so cute when she's ruffled… Not to mention it's fun to watch him squirm…

Session Start (eastonaimee:diashto1): Thu Mar 02 23:36:24 2006
[23:36] eastonaimee: you better not be naked and wacking it
[23:36] diashto1: lol.. no
[23:36] eastonaimee: are you suuurrreee?!??!
[23:39] eastonaimee: are you SURE!!! (ignore me why don't you?)
[23:39] diashto1: yes, i'm sure
[23:39] diashto1: see for yourself
[23:39] eastonaimee: Miharu said that you were too busy wacking it to answer me
[23:40] diashto1: who's miraru?
[23:40] eastonaimee: I can't see webcams on trillian…
[23:40] diashto1: and i've invited you twice
[23:40] diashto1: oh
[23:40] eastonaimee: I don't see any invites
[23:40] diashto1: :/
[23:40] diashto1: bummer
[23:40] eastonaimee: I thought you had trillian
[23:40] diashto1: i do
[23:40] diashto1: but i load up yahoo to send webcams
[23:40] eastonaimee: ahhh
[23:40] diashto1: and who the hell is miharu?
[23:41] eastonaimee: my sex slave
[23:41] eastonaimee: you don't remember miharu?
[23:41] diashto1: have i ever met miharu?
[23:41] eastonaimee: no but you argued with her once or twice on line
[23:41] diashto1: ..
[23:41] diashto1: ohh.. is that the vamp posuer?
[23:42] eastonaimee: ummm… nooo She says you're a douche bag
[23:42] diashto1: the one that was trying to get you to drink blood and stuff
[23:43] eastonaimee: yes, that's the one and you shouldn't be such a judgmental prick
[23:44] diashto1: not being judgemental
[23:44] eastonaimee: yea, you called her a poser… that's being judgmental
[23:45] diashto1: no.. a posuer isnt the same as a poser.
[23:45] eastonaimee: I thought you mis spelled
[23:45] diashto1: nope
[23:45] eastonaimee: what is a posuer?
[23:46] diashto1: and actually , i did mispell.. its poseur
[23:46] diashto1: (Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poseur)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poseur
[23:46] eastonaimee: that's even worse
[23:47] eastonaimee: that's even MORE judmental
[23:48] diashto1: i guess
[23:48] eastonaimee: this is from miharu. i'd like to thank you for your opinion (by the way, it means absolute jack shit, since you dont know me and you are in fact, a great big judgemental douche bag just for saying that) and tell you that, while it is your right to believe what you want, you would do well to think twice before saying anything about people that your friends carea bout. not only is it rude, its pretty heartlessa nd just lowers others' opinions of you. i would think, at your age, you would know common decency and respect, but i suppose we cant all be human beings.
[23:49] diashto1: if my opinion ment so little, you wouldnt get so fired up about it
[23:49] eastonaimee: I'm not
[23:49] eastonaimee: this is what we call discussion. there were (at least when i was school classes on this in high school. but you might be a little old for those.
[23:49] diashto1: heh
[23:50] diashto1: well.. discussion usually involves an exchange of ideas
[23:50] diashto1: not me saying something and you calling me names
[23:50] diashto1: not that you'd actually try to find out WHY i have said opinion, or care to correct it
[23:51] eastonaimee: did you not call me a name before i even began speaking to you? you have proved your self in just a simple word. lets settle this simply, ok?
[23:52] diashto1: … settle what?
[23:52] diashto1: i thought we were having a discussion, not an argument
[23:52] eastonaimee: you obviously have no intentiono f ever giving a siht about who or what i am. this in no way bothers me, because i could give a fuck less about you. unfortunately, we are both friends witht he same person. this does not mean we need to interact. i made a harmless joke, that is all. and you insulted me. therefore, you are the one in the wrong. now that its settled, you can shove off and just not remember that aimee has a friend named miharu, since i sure as fuck wont recall you.
[23:53] diashto1: cmon honey, tell me how you really feel.
[23:53] eastonaimee: dont honey me. thats called sexual harrassment, harhar.
[23:53] diashto1: naw
[23:53] diashto1: that's not harrassment
[23:55] diashto1: and honestly, the only reason that i didnt remember aimee had a friend named miharu is because for the last 6 months or so, for reasons unbeknownst to me, she's been basically off my radar.. presumably recovering from her surgerys, hospital stays, or what have you
[23:55] diashto1: and quite frankly, your name hasn't come up
[23:55] eastonaimee: and what makes you think that gives youa right to insult me?
[23:55] diashto1: you're right, i had no right to insult you. I apoligize.
[23:56] eastonaimee: aimee here: I have tried to talk to you several times. but every time we do, you have other things going. I am sorry for being sick..
[23:56] diashto1: i'm not blaming you, aimee
[23:56] diashto1: our paths just wandered away from eachother, as they do sometimes
[23:57] eastonaimee: back to miharu: your apology is tenatively accepted, though i question your sincerity. however, you should remember only this, that people are very complicated, and you can rest assured that despite whatever kind of impression you have of me, you are wrong. i imagine i come off as quite… cunty… but im actually very pleasent. unfortunately, you've quite gotten me off that track, as every time i talk to you, you're a dick.
[23:58] diashto1: would you like to know why i thought you were a poseur?
[23:58] eastonaimee: sure
[23:58] diashto1: i can't remember the term.. but the last time we crossed paths, you were inviting aimee to some sort of blood drinking thingy
[23:59] diashto1: which is decidedly over-the-top
[00:00] eastonaimee: sharing one's interests with a friend makes you think ima posuer… i imagine you have no idea whatsoever about the vast intricate detailing of the “new” sets of rules and lifestyles. who I am and what I am has nothing to do with anything that you could pick up out of a conversation, even if it did involve something like a “blood drinking thingy”. who we are on the outside can be drastically different from who we are on the inside. you assuming that I'm a pseudo-goth because i enjoy blood drinking is BEING JUDGEMENTAL. hence, I am right once again.
[00:02] diashto1: i made no such assumption
[00:02] diashto1: i assumed you enjoyed blood drinking
[00:02] eastonaimee: you called me a posuer.
[00:03] diashto1: and i already apoligized for that
[00:03] eastonaimee: but you still did it. and you were judgemental.
[00:03] eastonaimee: and you need to admit that.
[00:03] diashto1: okay fine, i was judgemental.
[00:04] eastonaimee: thats good. i hope you feel better about admitting it.
[00:04] diashto1: not particularly
[00:04] eastonaimee: you should. be proud. its a big step to not being a douche bag.
[00:04] diashto1: lol
[00:04] eastonaimee: hold on
[00:04] diashto1: to what?
[00:05] eastonaimee: well, since you were already wacking… i guess you got that covered.
[00:06] diashto1: its too cold down here to whack anything
[00:07] eastonaimee: it is absolutely never ever too cold to masturbate. not even if you're a guy, that outdoor plumbing excuse doesnt work here.
[00:07] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Mar 03 00:07:38 2006.
Session Close (diashto1): Fri Mar 03 00:07:46 2006

Session Start (eastonaimee:diashto1): Fri Mar 03 09:03:13 2006
[09:03] diashto1: i dont like her
[09:03] eastonaimee: I know
[09:03] diashto1: 😦
[09:03] diashto1: sorry if it caused you any problems last night
[09:03] eastonaimee: you didn't…
[09:04] diashto1: if it makes you feel any better, i was psychically pummelled last night so much that i was shaking
[09:04] eastonaimee: she loves a good argument with people she doesn't like
[09:04] eastonaimee: by her?
[09:04] diashto1: i dont know if it was by her, as i dont know her “signiature”
[09:05] diashto1: I dont want to throw out accusations, but it started right after you logged off
[09:05] eastonaimee: ugh!!!
[09:05] diashto1: ?
[09:05] eastonaimee: we just watched monty python after we logged off
[09:06] diashto1: *nods*
Session Close (diashto1): Fri Mar 03 09:09:34 2006


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