To Sandy

Dear Sandy,

    I am sorry that it took so long to get back to you, but I was completely baffled by your last email, that I needed to examine it again a few times in order to respond. Here is what I have come up with.

   You are so sorry about everything? You gave us one weeks notice to find a place to live. We ended up spending money that we couldn’t afford in order to get into a smaller place. We ended up having to get a moving truck to get our things from your home so that we didn’t have to spend 300 dollars in gas going back and forth. This was after you offered the services of your son-in-law, then came up with am excuse as to why he couldn’t help us. We had to borrow money from my grandfather, who could not afford to lend the money to us, but did anyway because he realized the immensity of what you did to us. We were very close to homelessness. When you spoke to Jenneffer, you asked her why we couldn’t stay where we were like they did. I told you the moment you reniged on our CONTRACT, that our room mate had sold the trailer only a week and a half after we told him we were moving. I know that you initial excuse of the neighbor’s complaints of the lease are bogus. I consulted on of the lawyers at my school and he said that, unless you knocked on his door and showed him the lease, he wouldn’t have known what it said. A lease is not filed with the city or county or anywhere else for that matter. I knew from the moment that your initial excuse changed, you were a liar. I should have never believed that you would help us get our things back from your house. I also do not for a moment believe that you are the least bit sorry for what you did. You got what you wanted and that is all that matters. I have been told by SEVERAL people, including the lawyer teacher I told you of, that I should sue you. That because of the lease, I had a case to get from you, all of the excess money I had to pay (especially the moving truck) to move to a different place in only a week. I wanted to sue you, but I would have to come up with more money to file a case, and unfortunately, I don’t have it. I can’t waste another dime on you.

   You said in your email how sorry you are, but in your next breath, you ask for your garage door opener. It’s a five sentence email and three of those sentences are about the opener. You don’t give a damn about us. I will get you back your opener. Don’t worry. But a real, caring person would have offered to reimburse us for the truck at least. Thanks for being so great. I hope no one else has the unfortunate chance to be your tenant.

   Let me know where to send your opener.



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