Dear S,

Dear S,

I have no idea why, after all these years, I still care enough about what you think about me to even be writing this letter to you. Apparently though, your opinion of me still irritates and hurts me and after all this time, because I am so sick of the pain and sadness you cause me, I have to set you straight.  I need this all to end. From this point on, I will not allow myself to care what you think about me. You have no idea who I am or what kind of woman I have become. You talk about “class” like you are the Grand Duchess of classiness, when in all actuality; I have more “class” than your whole family combined.

            S, from day one, you have thought me without class for three reasons that I can pick up on: (and from what H says) Because I am fat, because I am poor, and because I am a “bad influence” on your precious daughters. Let me address these issues.

            Yes, I am fat. I have always been fat and I will always be fat. I have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). One of it’s main symptoms is SEVERE OBESITY. Look it up and educate yourself. Thank you for making my already low self-esteem that much lower and helping me to continue to hate myself as you ridiculed how I looked, and in effect, forcing me to never be satisfied with who I was. I never felt as bad about myself than after I met you. I have finally realized that being fat does not make me a bad person or a lower class citizen like you ALWAYS made me feel.

            Yes, I am poor. So fucking what. I am happy, my bills are paid (for the most part), I have the basic necessities of life: clothing, food and shelter. Having the newest fashions or the best car or the biggest house doesn’t matter to me. Those things do not make me who I am. If you believe that those things make a person, or defines who they are, then you’re not much of a person yourself. I make me who I am. My actions and deeds and the fact that I am a good, honest, relatively wholesome and intelligent woman makes me who I am. I am finally learning to be proud of me and the small accomplishments I have made in my life. I am proud that I have kids who look up to me and tell me they want to be like me regardless of my weight or the fact that I am and probably always will be dirt poor. I am a responsible and respectful person who many people count on for love, advice and my seemingly never endless supply of time. I try to be there for everyone. I never go back on my word and I ALWAYS apologize (in person whenever possible) for my wrongs. Money, or the lack thereof, does not matter to me.

            As for my being a “bad influence” on your daughters, what a joke. Yes, I was a total brat when I was younger, and I didn’t always make the greatest of choices, but I was never the leader of the pack.

J has been a perpetual liar and thief since we were in junior high. She’s a slut who has her legs open for just about any pretty face who comes her way. She, until this last job, has been unable to hold meaningful employment that doesn’t land her in court. She doesn’t pay for her own car, car repairs or even her own drivers license renewal. You do it for her and she’s 26! For God’s sake, when will she ever grow up? 

H is the person who got me into the most trouble as I was growing up. It is with her that I first lied to get out of my house, snuck out, made prank phone calls, skipped school an did my general sneaking around. I was a good student until I met her. When I moved away, my grades shot back up. She would blame me for the astonishing amount of money she would spend, always telling you that I would pay her back for concerts and trips that were her way of buying my friendship back after she did something to make me mad. I don’t know where she got the idea that she needed to buy ones friendship. And I would have never taken concert tickets or trips if I had known that they were supposed to be paid back. My parents taught me not to take anything on loan that I didn’t know full well that I could pay back. I would never have been able to do so. Also, if she had told me that these things were loans, then why did she continue to buy me things and take me on trips when she hadn’t received a dime from me? H had sex with her best friend’s husband., lost her car, home and almost her husband. (I can’t believe how stupid he is to stay with her after all the times she has cheated on him, lied to him and stolen his money that was meant to pay bills.) She is a adulteress and a liar. She is manipulative and shallow. And to top it all off, she stalks ex-American Idol contestants. Like J, she can’t seem to hold down a real job and she gets arrested for domestic violence. I have to say that I really enjoyed learning that little tidbit of information. She also had the chance to have her college paid for and she never even finished. What I would give for that opportunity. She can’t even seem to live without J. She has to follow her everywhere in life. She couldn’t even take a math class without J. And she dropped out as soon as J did.

I have been happily married for six and a half years, I have helped raise my nieces and nephew, I am an “Aunt” to several children who I am not even related to because their parents trust and love me enough to be a big part of their kids lives. I may not be able to go on a fancy vacation or buy loads of big presents, but dinner and movie night at my house is just as enjoyable for myself and my friends.

Don’t you dare begin to blame me, even in part for what J did. I had no part in it and even managed to lose her friendship for a short time because I wouldn’t quit harping on her for what it was I saw. Sadly, in trying to help her, I even had part in the trouble she is in today while trying to help her. I am always there for my friends, even if they don’t like what I have to say. Your children, however, go back on their word, lie, cheat and even steal in order to get what they want. Remember that the next time you think that someone has no class.

Like I said, I am no longer concerning myself with what you think. I can not burden myself with your ignorant opinions. I know I am a good person, I know I have worth on many levels. Can being beautiful, rich and skinny sustain you for the rest of your life? If not, what will you have to fall back on?


With Deepest Sympathy

For Your Shallow Life,



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