Bad news (a 2+ week update )

So this update will cover from 10/14 – 10/27

Scott came to visit again on monday (10/15) He gave Cassie a bath, we had dinner, all was good. on the 16th, Cassie cried all day. Her teeth are REALLY bothering her. We got a kitten on the 17th, only to find that it had fleas and worms. We had to lock him in the bathroom all night and got rid of him in the morning. on the 18th was Cassie’s WIC appointment. She’s up to 12 lbs. 14 oz. (When we got her, she was 11 lbs. 9 oz.) She’s doing very good. We got WIC coupons and they included cereal and juice. On 10/19, Deanna went into the hospital after lying to me for days about how she was feeling. She was taken in by uncle Dave and she now has Gangrene. (sp?) She may have to have her leg amputated. The family is constantly bitching about why I have not taken dad to see mom in a couple of days. I CAN NOT get a babysitter, and with this “super virus” that is going around and the flesh eating bacteria that is hanging aroung the hospitals right now, there is no way in hell I am taking Cassie to the hospital unless SHE is sick. Grandma Easton and Uncle Bill have both bitched at me about how this baby is not family and I have my priorities backwards. they can go shove it up their asses. I hate them. Where are they when Deanna needs them? Ted and I have been fighting non stop and I know Cassie can feel it. She’s been so uptight and cranky. I keep yelling at her and I can’t stop myself. On 10/20 we went to my mom and Dad’s. It was a good day. We were supposed to go to the orchard on the 21st, but Scott hurt his leg. Cindy and Jim suggested we go over there. Since we had to go to the hospital anyway, they watched Cassie so the girls and Scott could spend time with her. On 10/23, I made a mistake in letting Amy babysit. I had no choice, I had to get to the hospital. I dropped her off at 11:00 and when we picked her up at 6:00, she had only had 1 bottle (at 11:00 and had been in hert playpen until Andrea got home at 3:30 to find her mom on the toilet, passed out drunk with vomit all over her) Thanks Amy. The next day, Cassie screamed ALL DAY LONG. I called Cindy because I thought I was going to hurt her. I had a horrible anxiety attack. I didn’t know what to do. Then, yesterday, I made the decision to ask Jim and Cindy to take Cassie. It broke my heart and I DO LOVE HER, but I felt like I was going to hurt her. I can’t risk hurting a baby. I had been yelling at her, Ted and I have been fighting non-stop, his mom is sick… It goes on and on. God I hope Jess doesn’t hate me. But I had to do what is best for Cass. So, Ted and I took Cass to Jim and Cindy’s last night. They will keep her until Sunday night, I will keep her until they find daycare (a few days I hope) and then she goes back to them. We will have her for 2 weeks in December for Christmas though, when Jim and Cindy go to TX for the holidays. I am a failure and I have abandoned a defenceless baby. I am a loser.


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