Yet Again…

  • So, I have to mention that I am a very jealous person. I, for some reason, feel slighted at the smallest action or comment that may hurt my feelings. There is usually no reason behind it besides my own personal crap, but regardless, I always feel hurt. Here is an example:
  • My best friend has been working her bum off lately and has not had much time for me. I am okay with this. I know that she has to do what she needs to do in order to make ends meet. But tonight, while she could be spending quality time with me, her best friend, she chose to spend HOURS with her ex, a BOY who has repetedly made her crazy. Over the course of the night, she continually “ignored” my phone calls and I finally got fed up. I texted her (which she hates BTW) with a message that consisted of more text “code” than I have ever used in my life [because it’s hard to spell out whole words in 144 characters] basically telling her that I couldn’t believe that she would miss out on spending time with me to spend time with him.
  • 4 hours later, her myspace status message says that she is soul searching and that she is feeling tested. She is still online. So I message her on Myspace, having not heard back from her on my cell.
  • Me: [Subject] I can only assume… [Body] … That you are now in the process of writing a lengthy email to your new friend… That would also figure… Hope you had a good night.
  • (Did that sound sweet and nice? I didn’t think so, but…)
  • She: actually no it was horrible. surprise, surprise. we will talk soon. I love you, please don’t evver question that. and T** rocks. I’m glad he called. yes, i know who my true friends are.
  • (Hmmm… Apparently it did…)
  • Me: You suck so bad. Really. Did you not pick up on the biting anger in that message. Once again, I try to stay mad at you to no avail. You are so seemingly helpless at times. Why do you keep doing this shite to yourself? You could have been spending quality time with me instead of the same ol’ same ol’ that is your time with B******. I know you love me, I’ll NEVER question that, but sometimes, just sometimes, I’d like to just BE MAD at you for making me feel slighted. And you HAVE been making me feel slighted. And it’s not because you haven’t had time to hang out with me, it’s because you haven’t had time to spend with me, but you had a bunch of time to WASTE on B******. I hate that. I REALLY hate that. I had “One of those days” and I could have used your time. I also have some new music I wanted to share with you that I actually think you MIGHT like. Maybe.
  • She: first off, why doesn’t it show when you’re online?
  • Sencondly, you must’ve had a bad night if you’re still up. I’m sorry, I did sense the anger in your initial message. That’s why I broought out the jenny charm ;D I really did have a horrible night and it wasn’t for or beccause of b******, it was because of s****. I’m sorry. I should’ve hung out with you. Earlier s**** asked if you were coming over tonight and I said I don’t know why? And he said he missed you, he likes it when we play games. But somehow we went astray ;( That’s funny that you said you have some music that you want to share with me. I was telling r** how you think I’m the music nazi but you put up with all my bullshit and how much i love you for that 😉
  • I love you, I can’t tell you how much.
  • I work in the afternoon tomorrow, so please give me a call before 3 if you can. I got a lot going on, I don’t want to promise that I will call you. If you need to, I’ll be up for a little while longer if you want to give me a call.
  • love you,
  • Me: It never shows that I am online because I like it that way! 😛 I don’t like people knowing when I am online. I don’t know why, I just like it like that.
  • I have had a bad week. In the 5 days I have slept 16 hours. I am exhausted and I don’t know what to do about it. My body won’t let me sleep.
  • The “J**** Charm” did slightly work… and I kind of hated it… I am sorry about you having a horrible night. I am even more sorry that it was because of S**** and not B******. I can more easily blame him than S****.
  • It makes me feel good that S**** asked if I was coming over. I have mixed feelings about him a lot. I like to know that I am thought of occassionally. I would have liked to come over to play games. It would have been a nice break from the dreary monotany that has become my life.
  • Yes, you are the music Nazi, but I have to keep trying. Every once in a while, you like what I have to play. That keeps me hoping and willing to continue sharing.
  • Are you still up? I would like to just say good night if possible.
  • I love you too.
  • It usually doesn’t take long before I forgive her. I love her like that!

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