Survey Time Again!

I love these stupid surveys



1. When you’re home alone, do you still close the door when you shower?
It depends. If I want it to be really steamy, I do. If I don’t care about steam, I don’t.

2. Has a friendship ended recently that you wish hadn’t?
Not recently, but there are still 2 people from my semi-recent past I wish I could have back in my life.

3. It is your friend’s birthday; do you buy them a gift even though they didn’t buy you one for yours?
All of my friends know that if I have money at the time of their special day, they get something regardless of wheather or not I got something from them. We are all in the same type of boat.

4. You win the $300 million power-ball lottery. What do you do?
Are you kidding? Okay, here goes… I would pay off my bills, buy a new car, two of them. I would pay off my mom and dad’s house (since they don’t want a new one) and buy my sister and brother-in-law a new one. I would make a bank account for all 8 of my nieces and nephews with enough money to pay for tuition, books and housing for 4 years of college, no matter how much it costs. So, if Matthew goes to MCC, he’ll have a TON of money left over. I would build a non-religious commune somewhere and have a bunch of my friends live with me. (hopefully some of them will) Buy a house in France and one in Germany. And start a coffee shop for Bee to run. I think I will have enough money for that. If not, strike the commune and just buy a house on the east coast for Ted and me. 

5. Do you like your music loud or at a reasonable level?
At home, a reasonable level, unless I am cleaning. Then it has to be loud. In the car, LOUD unless there is someone in the car with me. There is nothing more rude than not being able to talk to someone because the radio is too loud.

6. Are you a beach person or a snowy mountain person?
I like both. I prefer snowy mountains during the day and the beach at night (unless the beach is deserted during the day.

7. When do you prefer to take a shower, morning or night?

8. Can you watch scary movies alone?
For the most part, yes.

9. Soft bed or firm?
The softer, the better.

10. Would you rather stay home all day, or be out and about?
As long as there are resting periods for me to relax my feet and brain, I like to be out.

11. When was the last time you’ve had cramps?
2 months ago.

12. Favorite necklace?
I don’t really like necklaces much.

13. Are you more likely to be with a large group of people or a few close friends?
A few close friends

14. What are your plans for October?
Whatever happens, happens. 

15. Where would you like to live?
France, Canada, Virginia, Nola

16. Who was your last hug?

17. What’s on your mind right now?
How much I still have to do for Emily… 

18. What is one fear that you can’t seem to overcome?
Being in great pain

19. Are you good at math?
Not really.

20. What’s stashed under your bed?
big storage totes.

21. Is there anyone you regret ever meeting?
I regret nothing

22. In the opposite sex, where should their piercing(s) be?
anywhere they want… 

23. Would you rather have roommates or live alone?
Just me, Ted and Moe.

24. Do you drink iced coffee?
Ugh… No!

25. What car do you drive?
Red ’96 Pontiac Grand AM piece of crap.

26. What is your favorite thing to wear?
Tank tops and jammie pants. Ask anyone I know. They are a staple of my wardrobe.

27. If you found out that you were going to be a parent, what would you do?
I have no idea. Prepare, I guess.

28. Do you give money to homeless people when they ask?
It depends of if I have money to give, how they ask and if they seem like they will use it well. If they have a bottle by them, absolutely not. Usually I try to buy them something to eat, that way I know they used it for food and not booze or drugs.

29. A weekend in Las Vegas or Key West?
Honestly, I personally wouldn’t choose either. I would love to go to Nola. But if I HAD to choose… It would be Key West.

30. Last time you cried?
I honestly can’t remember. That’s really good. I think I finally have my moods stabilized.

31. Have you ever made someone so mad that they broke something?
Not that I know of, but I am not always around when people are mad at me.

32. You have 3 months left to live, what do you do?
That’s a loaded question and I don’t have that much time.

33. You’re having a bad day, what’s one thing that can make your day better?

34. What’s worse: Tanning bed or the sun’s rays?
Both are evil.

35. Have you ever talked on the phone for 5+ hours?
I have talked on the phone for 8 hours at a shot on a few occasions. 

36. You wake up in an unfamiliar place, what is your first reaction?
I wouldn’t wake up in an unfamiliar place unless something really bad had happened. In that case, I have no idea what I would be thinking, I just know I’d be scared.

37. Is there anything that you should be doing right now?
Emailing more radio stations in Ohio to get Em on their playlists.

38. If there was a way to know when and how you’re going to die, would you?
No… I wouldn’t want to live life knowing. 
39. What is your favorite breakfast?
Biscuits and gravy. 

40. Your phone rings at 4am, who do you expect it to be?
If my phone rings at 4 AM, I know someone is hurt, dying or dead. If not, they will be soon.

41. Last thing you ate?
Ham sandwich (last night)

42. One place you will NEVER eat at again?
The firehouse on Harper… That place sucked.

43. Do you hate anyone?

44. Closest guy friend?
Ted… Besides Ted? Brian

45. Do you have kids?
Just my Moe

46. What is the last picture you took?

The stuff that Jen wants to sell on Ebay.

47. Do you go to school?
In January I will be going to MCC

48. What is your favorite fruit?


49. Do you like someone right now?
My Husband. It would be really awkward if it were someone else, now wouldn’t it?

50. Do they know?
Now, THAT would be awkward if he didn’t.


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