Last Night

So after a day of doing dishes, dishes and more dishes, I went out with Jenny. We went to Chè Cosa. At first, I was bored because I finished reading the graphic novel Jen brought for me to read while she was on the computer, in like 10 minutes. So I played the stupid bar game machine and drank a sugar-free mocha cappuccino. Then I read the damned book again. Finally, we decided to leave and go get Nick, Nicole and Jeremy to go with Justin to go get pizza. Yummy, right? Wrong. We get to the apartment and knock on Nick’s door. No answer. So, we knock on Jeremy and Nicole’s door. Damn, no answer. Jen then gets the idea to go to Your Mother’s. It’s a bar in town that they frequent. So, we hop into her car and drive on over. Jen had a very difficult time trying to parallel park (and there were very few cars around) hehe. We go in and voila, there are Nick and Jeremy. So, we go on over and cop a squat with them. We were there having a blast for a while when Jen realized that were needed to tell Justin that we were bailing on him and his pizza idea. We were just having too much fun with Nick and Jeremy. Jeremy kept my scarf warm all night. I did a shot of José Cuervo minus the training wheels. Jeremy was a little bit shocked. Nicole came up after work and then I talked to Em for a minute. I miss her so badly. After, we went to Nick’s place and ate free pizza. We listened to Simon and Garfunkle and Suzanne Vega and Billie Holiday. Steve came over and I showed him the postmortem pics. He enjoyed it. He and Jen both told me to email Sheryl about it. I hope she doesn’t think I am a freak or something. We all smoked and ate pizza and then, at about 2 am, we left. I was in bed, asleep by 2:30 am. Good times were had by all. Yeah!


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