A More Detailed Halloween Post


What a night. Ted and I walked to Jen’s. I was in full Eeyore glory. People honked and waved at us. I began to skip. It was so nice and warm. The Eeyore costume was SO hot inside it. Ugh. So, we got to Jen’s, Steve was there. We helped her get ready for the kids. Our plan: to throw bags of candy off the balcony for the kids! Fun. They loved it. I accidentally bounced a kit-kat bar off the back of some little boy’s head. Oops… We gave him extra candy for it though and he was happy and unhurt. Soon, Emily, Nick and the Lillys came by… Then Mandy came over. Ashley even made a short appearance. She had a party to go to with her girlfriend. After the kids were done trick-or-treating, we all decided (well, Emily, Nick, Jenny, Steve and I, Mick showed up there too.) to go to Trixie’s to watch Emily play. We stayed there to watch the entertainment of the night and then off to the bar we went. 4 Johnny Vegas’ and 2 shots of tequila later. I was drunk. I made friends with an old, drunk, gay guy named Johnny and he was dressed as Scooby-doo. He was awesome and he made me his Fag Hag. I loved it. After, we all went to Coney Island and ate and laughed and poked fun at all of the skanky girls who were pretty much dressed the same… You know, nurse with thigh highs and a short skirt, cheerleader with thigh highs and a short skirt, baseball player with thigh highs and a short skirt, vampire with thigh highs and a short skirt. It was hilarious. The only difference was color and pattern. Don’t these girls realize that they all look the same? Whatever. I had fun as did everyone else. It was the best Halloween ever!




Jenny… The Beautiful Green Witch

and later as a devil…


Mandy… I have no idea what she was, but she looked awesome

Steve… Was he even dressed up?

Emily… Looking Foxy

Nick as Lucifer

Laura Lilly as Pocahontas

Janet Lilly… Again… I have no idea…

Ashley… She was Ketchup and her girlfriend (not pictured) was Mustard

Mick… Goulish

And Me… As Eeyore

Some Group Shots…



2 Responses to “A More Detailed Halloween Post”

  1. 1 Tanja E.
    November 3, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    Love, love, love your Eeyore costume!!!

  2. 2 aimeemarie
    November 3, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Thank you. I have had it for SOOOO long! It is so warm and cozy!

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