Today, I can truly say that I am proud to be an American

Over the past eight years, I have become exceedingly disappointed in my country. I have found it so hard to say that I was proud to be an American. I have watched and felt the decline of the economy, the horror of war and the increasing incompetence of our government. With a president as ill-skilled as George W., I had become angry with my government and I feared my government and I wasn’t very sure that my vote would really matter.

Today, my hope has been restored and I can now say that I am really, honestly proud and elated to be an American. President-elect Obama in the change and the hope that this country has needed. He is everything that our country stands for. He is wise and fair and just the man that we need to make this country stand as tall and be as strong as she once was. Obama is a man of character and honor and he makes me believe that we can, once again live safely and be a country full of fairness and prosperity that every president has promised we could be. Today, my faith in the American people has been renewed.

I must admit that I was not always entirely sure that Barack Obama would be elected. There were moments in the past months, when I thought that the uninformed and unintelligent of our nation would gather at the polls and overwhelm the nation, once again, with bad choices that would cost our nation dearly. Instead, what I saw was the most amazing turnout of people, who before this election, were sick and tired of not being heard. People who were unsure of weather or not their vote actually mattered. People who had given up on ever being given a fair shake in this world. I saw people who previously couldn’t have given a damn about what was happening, or who it was happening to. All they knew was that their life sucked and it would continue to be that way. People educated themselves in a way I have never seen before. People researched and watched the news and listened to speeches and followed debated and saw a man to really and honestly cared about our country, but more importantly, the people of our nation who had been screaming for help for so long that they felt that they longer had a voice. That they were hoarse and could no longer scream out because no one would listen anyway. They saw a man who didn’t promise what was necessarily popular, but he promised the one thing that so many of us have been asking for, begging for and sometimes even dying for… Change. Barack Obama is the change we so desperately need. 

I am a little sad to see the election process end. It has been so refreshing to see how much people have banded together and gotten educated and gained hope and strength in this, our nation’s darkest hours. It is amazing to hear how many people went to the polls, many for the first time, and not because they were finally of age, only to stand in long lines, sometimes for hours, not giving up. It is thrilling to hear about people who have finally has enough of the tyranny that is the Bush administration and refused to elect a man who could have been Bush’s twin, even after all of the lies and attacks that the McCain campaign have used against Barack Obama. 

Yes, I am now very proud to be an American and I am looking forward to January 20th, 2009. My prayers go out to President-elect Obama and his family. May they stay safe and enjoy this time and this victory with family and friends, for soon he will be inheriting one of the most fucked up messes that any president has ever inherited. 

Congratulations President Obama. You did it and I knew you could. I’ll be waiting with bells on until January 20th.


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