If I had Children…

I will give them cool, original earthy names. Hopefully they will not get teased.
I will encourage them to get dirty.
I will encourage imagination and creativity.
I will let them choose how they want to decorate their room.
I will let them choose their own clothes, no matter how young and no matter what color or pattern combination they choose.
I will teach them that books are their friends.
I will teach them the importance of honesty, but also, the gracefulness of tact. Too many parents forget that part.
I will show them and well as tell them that I love them. The words are not as important as the deeds.
I will expose them to culture at every given chance.
I will teach my children traditions of our heritage. If adopted, I will teach them ours and also learn theirs.
I will read to them nightly from BIG books, not just baby books. I will continue doing so long after they have learned to read for themselves.
I will ask them to read to me as well.
I will listen and hear and not be so quick to respond.
I will try not to protect them from ALL bad experiences. After all, how else will a person grow to be strong unless they deal with some hardships?
I will make NO subject taboo.
I will talk to them freely and without prejudice.
I will talk to them about ANYTHING, no matter how painful.
I will act silly with them.
I will play with them all the time. I wish my mom had played house with Christy and me.
I will teach them that beauty comes is all shapes, sizes colors and nationalities and that ugly is not a description for someone’s physical person.
I will encourage active participation in hobbies.
I will encourage them to try things that they’ve never tried before.
I will Encourage them to be artistic.
I will never, ever, fight in front of them.
I will rarely feed them anything canned, packaged and NEVER from a drive-thru.
I will talk to them and try my hardest never to yell.
I will NOT allow them to sleep with me on a regular basis. Nap time occasionally or for the once in a while nightmare (not every nightmare though) is okay.
I will cuddle them every day.
I will NOT spoil them.
I will teach them the value of a dollar, but not make them “earn” an allowance doing chores that they should do with being paid to do so.
I will take pictures of them constantly.
I will make sure that there are always pets in the house. It teaches responsibility and about death at the worst moments.
I will not allow Barbies, Brats or any other toy that I deem demeaning to any person or ideal.
I will do crafts with them.
I will home school, but make sure that they are a part of many outside activities to maintain their social health.
I will cook with them.
I will teach them the importance of good nutrition and healthy cooking.
I will travel with them no matter how short the trip is.
I will not allow my children to have their own cell phone, pager, computer, or laptop until they are 17 or going to college. Whichever comes first. Then, when they do, they will have to pay the bills themselves.
I will built forts, pitch tents and if possible, build a tree house with them.
I will buy toys that run on imagination instead of electricity.
I will not allow my children to be raised by the television. TV will be for special occasions only.
I will make my children spend as much time outdoors as possible. I will be with them as much as possible.
I will not choose my children’s religion. I will teach them Ted’s beliefs and my beliefs, but I will not baptize or choose that religion for them.


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