Someone to Love

Andrea met a girl; Aimee. Aimee is amazing. She’s everything I want for Andrea in a significant other. Andrea is happier than I have seen her in a long time. She deserves that. Aimee is wicked smart, exceptionally beautiful and incredibly real. She’s also uber sick. When Andrea first told me about that, it scared me. Andrea doesn’t need another loss in her life. Then I thought about it. What’s life without love. Yes, there is a possibility that if the doctors don’t figure out what exactly is wrong with Aimee, something bad might happen. I don’t know too much about what she’s going through, but I saw the pain on her face the other day and it terrifies and saddens me greatly. My heart breaks for her and now Andrea. Because now, Andrea will feel that pain with Aimee.

It feels like Aimee was made to be part of our family. She went through two FULL days with us and didn’t run away screaming. She’s open and honest and loves the same things we all do. There are now 3 photographers in the fold. I can’t wait to take pictures of her and Andrea. You know what’s really strange? Aimee is perfect for Andrea and the reason that’s funny is because now I know that Andrea and I have the EXACT same taste in women. Aimee looks like Shane from ‘The L Word’ but is soft. At first, she comes off kind of tough, but once she opens up, you can see the softness in her. She doesn’t seem to enjoy the fact that she’s the “butch,” though I think it suits her. She’s a very feminine butch. Just like Andrea. They are both just enough of each the butch and the feminine to make them work. I think it’s adorable.

Andrea is so happy. The other day, I watched them as they lounged on the couch. The didn’t say a single word, but stared at one another for the longest time. I love that they talk for hours while they cuddle. Aimee is so much better for Andrea than anyone she’s previously dated. Especially the last one who I still want to do great bodily harm to. I hope things continue to go well for them both. And damn it, Aimee better get used to being babied. It’s what I do best.


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