You had me at “Hello”

So… Yea… Andrea and I have the same taste in women… Wow… I didn’t see that one coming. I mean our taste in men is so completely different. I figured that for the most part, our taste in women would differ greatly as well… Now, don’t get me wrong. I am truly in complete love with my husband. He is the only person in the world that I could ever be with, but She is absolutely amazing. She is beautiful. Not just beautiful, but hot. I mean, Shane from “The L Word” hot. She’s smart and talented and funny. She’s super sweet and immensely sexy. She’s got a great body and an even greater mind. She and Andrea were cut from the same cloth. I see that now. I can’t fault Andrea for falling in love with Aimee so fast, after all, It hasn’t been long and I have a HUGE girl crush on her. I would never act on it though… Like I said previously… I can think though, right?

She’s really upbeat most of the time despite the fact that she’s so sick. Andrea will take great care of her… If Aimee allows it. I had “The Talk” with Aimee and she knows that I will destroy her if she hurts Andrea in any way that she has control over. I mean, she’s sick… If she gets sicker and Andrea gets hurt, I’ll let it go… You know what I mean. Aimee is exactly what I searched for when I was younger. I sometimes really miss being with a girl. That’s the sucky thing about being bisexual. Men and women give such different things. Men CAN’T give certain things and women CAN’T give certain things (And I’m not just talking sex) and I need them both. Ted is my forever. I need to learn to live without those things. I can live without those things. I will live without those things. If I ever lose Ted, which I hope to God I never do, and I have to go on without him. I will be with a woman again. Neve r again will I be with a man, because I have the best one out there. He’s ruined me for all other men.

But really… Aimee’s amazing.


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