And the day is upon us.

I got to be a “mom” to a teenager for over a year and I have loved every second of it. Even the arguments, whining and the millions of times I asked her to close the shower curtain after she was done as to keep from accumulating mildew so quickly. I wouldn’t trade a single moment of having her here for anything.

But the moment has come, quickly, that my baby and her beautiful girlfriend are going to signing the lease to their very first place. A home of their own. No one else’s rules, no one else’s bull shit, privacy that they have both been seriously lacking. In just over 24 hours, my baby will be an apartment renter and I will have only a short time (while they clean and paint the place) to enjoy their company in what is soon to be a two person apartment again.

Now don’t get me wrong. I will thoroughly enjoy my privacy again. I am looking forward to being able to walk around naked if I wish or come out into the living room to watch TV or read when I can’t sleep. But I can tell you right now that I will be lonely. Ted just started his new job yesterday, which keeps him out of the house from 6:45 pm to 7:15 am. That is a long stretch of lonely hours. I will really really miss having my girls here.

Speaking of my girls, Aimee has become a full blown member of this family. She is the first person that Bee has dated that I love in all aspects. She treats Bee like a princess and she is so respectful. She loves Ted and I love that. I was strange at first because usually, people attach to me more than Ted and Aimee definitely has not. She and Ted are buddies. I like that. Aimee takes care of Bee and vice versa. I can tell that this is really going to be a full and equal partnership. People say that moving in together will either make or break a relationship. I know that moving together will make this one.

I have to enjoy what little time I have left with them. I know once they leave I will want to lay in bed and cry for a week and if I allow that, it could turn into a massive depression for me. It’s scary that Ted’s return to work is coinciding with their departure from our home and therefore there will be no one here to watch and help if I start falling into a depression. I am trying to stay positive and think of all of the good that will come out of them moving. Privacy, alone time, being able to be wherever in the house I want to be whenever I want to be there, not feeling uncomfortable when I walk in on a make out session, being able to write (since I can’t write in the presence of others), having the bathroom practically all to myself, closed shower curtains without mildew, closet space, space in general, saving money, buying what I want at the store rather than what we all agree on. I am trying not to think about what I will be missing. Conversation almost any time I need it, the sounds of life, cheerful faces, advice at 2 am, company when I am lonely, the feeling of having a family, feeling needed, cooking for more than two, sunshine at all times. As much as I am ready for them to go, I also really want them to stay.

Oh well, I guess that’s life. Kids grow and change and then move out.

I just hope they’ll still need me from time to time. I hope they won’t forget about me here all lonely on 3rd Street. I hope that their world doesn’t just consist of the two of them and that they get out and do stuff.


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