My day in list form 08/05/2010

  • Woke at 9:30am
  • woke Aimee up for her Dr.’s apt.
  • Went to said appointment and got the run around
  • Went to Costco to get her meds
  • Got pissed off because her doc is a fucktard
  • Came home
  • called the dr.’s office
  • called the pharmacy
  • called the dr.’s office
  • called the pharmacy
  • called the dr.’s office
  • called the dr.’s office
  • called the pharmacy
  • Started making calls to people I know who might be able to help
  • laid down to take a nap
  • just as I was about to fall asleep got interrupted by Girl 2 taking off
  • Talked to Bee
  • Girl 2 comes home and Girl 1 takes off
  • Girl 2 takes off
  • Having them both leave like that freaked me out
  • called Bee to no answer
  • called Aimee to see if they were okay
  • called Bee just to have her tell me that she “accidentally” answered the phone. (Gee, Thanks)
  • Talked to Laura
  • worried
  • talked to Laura
  • worried
  • talked to Laura
  • worried
  • cops parked in front of the house making me think one of them was dead (They left without getting out)
  • texted Bee at 10:45 pm to see if she was okay (got no answer)
  • texted her again at 11 telling her to text me because I was worried (She answered me)
  • found out that both girls had been at their apartment that they haven’t moved into yet talking but were too busy to inform the party that worries about them that they were okay (Gee, thanks again for that)
  • Got royally pissed off
  • talked to Ted at midnight
  • watched a scary movie and locked myself in my room to avoid them when they got home (at 2am)
  • talked to Ted at 3am
  • going to bed soon!

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