#Love is Louder

All through middle and high school, I was bullied mercilessly. I am 32 years old and the effects of that bullying still effects me to this day. What I went through as a child, during the years of trying to get to know who I was, made it very hard for me to have any sort of pride in myself. My self-esteem took a near fatal hit and it is still recovering to this day. When I hear about all of the kids being bullied and being made to feel scared, ashamed, hopeless and depressed, I go back to those days which are still SO clear to me, and I know EXACTLY how these kids feel. I remember being suicidal all the time and I remember how depressed I was and how I hated waking up, every morning, knowing that I had to go through yet another day of torture. When you are bullied, it makes loving yourself so hard. Your school, a place where one should learn and educate themselves and better themselves turns into a prison and learning becomes hard and life gets even harder. Bullies don’t realize the impact they are having on the life, both currently and in the future, of the target of their venom. They don’t realize that years down the line, when they have surely forgotten you, you will never forget them or the things they put you through. Brittany Snow has created a movement called “Love is Louder” and I believe in this movement because if there is ONE thing I have learned, it is that the effects of love ARE louder, more meaningful than hate, bigotry, jealousy, racism, abuse, and discrimination… If people learned how to love fully, this world would be a better place.


Mission: Love is Louder was started by actress Brittany Snow, The Jed Foundation and MTV to build on the outpouring of support online after the lives of multiple teenagers were lost to suicide in September 2010. This movement strives to amplify the momentum of other inspiring online campaigns and invite anyone who has felt mistreated, misunderstood or isolated into the conversation. We are here to raise the volume around a critical message — that love and support is more powerful than the external and internal voices that bring us down, cause us pain and make us feel hopeless. The more voices that join the movement, the louder the message becomes. #LoveisLouder.


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