Day 04 – Your views on religion. 01/01/2010

1. Religion is a man made thing. Spirituality is not.

2. Most people have a religion and that is wonderful. I love faith. I think that people who have faith in something, anything, are more hopeful for the world.

3. If you have a religion, practice it or don’t say you’re part of that religion.

4. Don’t EVER push your religion on ANYONE else. If you’re asked to share, then share.

5. Don’t belittle anyone for choosing their religion, however, stand up for yourself if someone who is practicing their religion is infringing on your rights or the rights of those you love.

6. There agree in a separation of church and state and I don’t believe that this decree is not enforced enough in our government.

I am an eclectic pagan. I believe in nature and the universe and mother earth. I believe in Karma and reincarnation. I believe that if we are good to others and good to ourselves that we are doing right. I believe in the threefold law. I believe, whole heartedly in the Wiccan Rede: Bide the Wiccan Laws we must, In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: “and ye harm none, do what ye will.” LEST IN THY SELF-DEFENSE IT BE, Ever mind the rule of three. Follow this with mind and heart, and merry ye meet and merry ye part. I believe in religious tolerance.


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