Some things I need to say

Two bad parents in one – I just don’t get it. Really. You have been given chance after chance, threat after threat has been made. You know that this was your last chance, yet you blew it again. BOTH of you. Because of you, your children are once again in fear for their lives. They (and we) have no clue where they will end up since you have decided that drinking far exceeds them in on your priority list. We can only hope that the judge, this time, will allow your eldest daughter to be their foster parent. We can only hope that they won’t be put in a foster home full of crazy zealots who try to brainwash them so they can pave their own way to heaven. We can only hope that you won’t lose your parental rights and they get adopted out of the family. That will destroy not only the kids, but the entire family. You have once again proven that you are useless members of society.

The eldest daughter – You. You are the glue that has continuously held this family together. I know that’s been hard on you. I can’t imagine the pressure you are under. But I am proud of you. You are an amazing mother. You have been to those kids what you never got from your own mom. You’re loving, kind, compassionate, tough but gentle and more importantly, open. You let them come to you with any question, any problem and you never treat them like they’re bad or wrong. You’re the perfect balance between friend and disciplinarian. I know, if Judge K gives you the chance, you will make those kids the happiest they have ever been. Even when they scream that they hate you, even when they treat you like crap, They will be happy. Happy that they’re allowed to be real kids and live real lives with their real family. It’s going to be a long, hard road, but it’ll be a road paved with gold. You’re amazing. I love you.



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