Happiness is…

Happiness is doing the dishes whilst listening to my headphones, blasting Florence + the Machine (even though I hate doing the dishes). Happiness is hanging out with a friend at night, talking and laughing and getting to know one another better. Happiness is knowing that even though we are poor, we have everything we need including the love of our significant other and friends and family that we hold so dear to us. Happiness is a warm puppy by my side as I read in bed and a My Little Pony coloring book when I am bored. Happiness is Tumblr and Pinterest to get ideas for some awesome new craft ideas. Happiness is knowing that there are people there for us that do not want anything back from us but our love and support. Happiness is also being able to give our love and support to people who don’t want anything back from us but the same. Happiness is knowing that the kids get to stay where they are regardless of what their lawyers do to have them removed. Happiness is a t-shirt that shows the names of our family as a Christmas present. Happiness is my life, even at its low times.

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