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Progress so far…

Okay, So I have not had a cigarette since before midnight of 1/1/09, thus making me smoke free for 35 hours 50 minutes… Yeah. 

The last time I ate meat was at 4:30 pm on 12/31/08 so I have been meat free for 43 hours and 21 minutes… Yeah…

And because Jenny Ö did it, I think I will do it from time to time too… 


cinnamon raisin bagel with 2 tablespoons of cream cheese (390 calories)

morningstar chick (fake chicken) sandwich with cheese and bbq sauce, a baked potato with margerine and fat free sour cream (928 calories) 

equalling 1318 calories out of 1500…


So far today

Blueberry granola with flax seeds cereal and skim milk (450 calories)

I am not craving meat yet. I am sure I will soon, but as of right now, not cravings. I am, however, craving cigarettes badly… Really badly… Ugh!I need to chew on a straw or something. 


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