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Today, in list form 09/11/10

To be completely honest, today was a blur.

  • Went with Meg and breadmeatbread to Miles’
  • I remember talking on the phone ALL DAY LONG
  • ate dinner at some point

Ummm… The rest is a blur. I think the phone ate my brains!


Today, in list form 09/10/2010

  • Went to bed at 7:30 am
  • Woke at noonish when Ted called me
  • Went to the D for a spell
  • Went with Bee and Aimee to Grans
  • Had lunch
  • played with the dogs
  • talked a lot
  • got books to read
  • helped grandpa with the computer
  • told awesome “Aimee’s grandpa” jokes that he LOVED!
  • texted with Laura
  • Came home
  • Ate dinner
  • Played on the computer
  • Talked to Laura
  • took a shower
  • IMed Lyss and Jeff
  • sent a few emails
  • going to bed soon. Hopefully I will be able to get to sleep. I’m feeling like I did last night.

My day in list form 1/17/2010

  • Woke up at about 9 am
  • hung out with Bee in the living room
  • played on the computer
  • cleaned up my room
  • painted my alter a bit more
  • Dom came over for a bit (How strange was that?)
  • Dan came over to visit for a few hours
  • made fried cheese sticks
  • watched 3 episodes of Daria with Bee
  • started feeling like crap
  • took a nap
  • woke up feeling really awful
  • researched Grey Gardens
  • researched “The Criterion Collection”
  • thought about some lists I really need to make
  • decided to write this one.

Today, in list form 01/02/09

  • woke up at about 10:30a
  • made breakfast
  • blogged
  • surfed the web
  • hung out with the hubby
  • talked to Jess
  • made lunch
  • more surfing
  • wrote some letters
  • watched tv
  • took a nap
  • made dinner (which, by the way SUCKED!!! My home made blackbean burgers were horrible. I need to get a really good recipe.)
  • went to Rick Charming’s going away party at Trixies and heard the amazing Dick Darling. Hung out with Em and Jen and saw Janet and Laura Lilly, Tone and Niche and a couple of other people. (I ended up smoking a lot last night   ) :    )
  • on the way home, stopped to get Ted some ice cream. I felt like I was satisfying the midnight cravings of a pregnant wife.
  • came home and watched Nancy Grace
  • watched Forensic Files
  • went to bed at about 3a

Today, in list form 12/22/08

  • got up and waited for Ted to come home
  • wrote a long ass email
  • read a lot
  • took a nap
  • surfed the web
  • Jen came over and ate my home made trifle
  • sent some of said trifle downstairs to the neighbors
  • went to Meijer
  • went to have tea with Em
  • came home and read for a while
  • watched some tv
  • ordered Jenn’s presents (I know, way late)
  • tried to go to sleep to no avail
  • finished my book
  • tried to go to sleep to no avail
  • sent a couple of emails
  • going to try to go to sleep at 5a (and I have to be up at 8a???)

Today, in list form 12/21/08

  • woke at 11a
  • did dishes
  • had cramps
  • whined all day because of said cramps
  • surfed the web all day
  • read “ironside”
  • hung with the hubby
  • made home made hot cocoa
  • watched House
  • wastched Law & Order CI
  • cuddled with the Moe and the husband
  • blogged
  • bed at about 12:30a

Today, in list form 12/09/08

  • woke at 8:30a
  • hung out with the husband
  • talked to Em
  • finished reading “The Last Vampire”
  • took Em to the farmer’s market, Petco and Michaels
  • came home to find out that Ted got called back to work for 10 days on the night shift. I was happy and bummed at the same time
  • Talked to Jen
  • Brian called to ask if I would watch Josh so he and Holly could go oout
  • watched Josh from 7p until 11:30p (he’s so fucking adorable)
  • Brian drove me home
  • got home at midnight
  • wait up for Ted to get home around 3:30 – 4a
  • bed at 4:30a

I just got adjusted to being a day person and now this… I hope he gets days again soon.

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