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Today, in list form 09/11/10

To be completely honest, today was a blur.

  • Went with Meg and breadmeatbread to Miles’
  • I remember talking on the phone ALL DAY LONG
  • ate dinner at some point

Ummm… The rest is a blur. I think the phone ate my brains!


Today, in list form 10/28/08

Okay… so I said I wasn’t going to be doing anything today. I guess I lied because I actually got a few things done today.

  • got up at about 9:00
  • blogged for a bit
  • got some responses to my blogs and one horrible comment on my youtube video.
  • did the dishes
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • cleaned my bedroom
  • cleaned my living room
  • finished my list 
  • made dinner
  • roasted pumpkin seeds
  • watched house
  • hung out with the hubby 
  • began to type out the list (hopefully it will be its own page on here tomorrow sometim
  • talked to Jen for half a second. (she’s been busy)
  • took a shower
  • now, I am making this list and heading to bed

Have a good night all.


Today, in list form 10/27/08

  • woke at 8
  • Deanna picked me up at 9:30
  • went to her place to watch the babies until she woke up
  • got home at 5:20
  • went with Ted to Taco bell
  • came home and watched House on Haunted Hill
  • watched Paranormal State
  • Went to bed at 11:30

Today, in list form 10/26/08

Today will end on an early note. I hope. It was a good day. I went to bed at midnight last night and so…

  • Woke at quarter to eight. 
  • Watched tv
  • drank 2 cups of coffee
  • woke Ted at nine
  • went to breakfast at Coney
  • went to Amy’s from 11 until 1 to help her cook
  • learned some cool stuff about photography from Bee
  • Hung with their family
  • Left there at about 2 pm
  • went to Kroger to get a pumpkin
  • Em came over at quarter to three
  • we painted and carved pumpkins
  • had tea
  • talked A LOT
  • had soup for dinner
  • ted pulled out the trundle so we could all cuddle down and watch August Rush
  • watched episode 1 of True Blood so Em could see what the buzz was about
  • Emily left at 8:30
  • Ted and I watched the latest episode of True Blood
  • Ted is now in bed… and it is now 10:18
Tomorrow should be another good day

Today, in list form 10/25/08

  • Ted got up for work at 4:30 am. 
  • I tried to talk him into staying home since he still wasn’t feeling well.
  • He went to work anyway.
  • I went back to bed and got up at 9:30 am when he called to tell me that he felt much better.
  • started grating more fresh pumpkin
  • made fresh pumpkin pancake batter
  • called Jen at 11:45 am to remind her about “breakfast”
  • Started making pancakes at noon. 
  • Had Jen call Steve over for food
  • made pancakes and hung out with Steve and Jen from noon until 2 pm
  • Ted came home from work at 2:30
  • I made him pancakes
  • I ate soup. After making all the pancakes and drinking 6 cups of coffee, I didn’t want pancakes.
  • took a nap.
  • Deanna picked me up at 5 pm to go to the stable
  • We played with the horses and groomed them
  • Deanna brought me back home at 8 pm
  • I made dinner
  • washed my face
  • went to bed at about 10 after midnight

Today, in list form 10/24/08

  • woke to Ted STILL being sick
  • told him to call in sick
  • woke again 
  • went to post office to send package to CityPass
  • Went to Meijer for soup and stuff for Ted
  • Came home and made Ted soup
  • went for a walk with Ted uptown while he felt okay
  • came home and made lunch
  • Ted started feeling yucky again
  • grated pumpkin by hand for 45 minutes
  • made pumpkin pancake batter
  • made and tested 2 pancakes and OMG were they fucking awesome
  • talked to granny
  • talked to Em, who is sick also
  • went to jen’s
  • talked to Ryan
  • took a shower
  • watched House
  • go to bed

Today, in list form 10/23/08

  • up by 8:30
  • yummy breakfast
  • tomatoes for lunch
  • workout
  • 4 mile bike ride
  • Ted is SOOO sick and wants to be left alone
  • Ryan came to fix Jens speakers
  • went to Big Boy w/ Jen and Ryan
  • Meijers w/ Jen and Ryan
  • Went home to check on Ted
  • Drunken Skip-bo w/ Jen and Ryan Then Steve
  • Puked
  • Pizza w/ Jen, Steve and Ryan
  • More drunken Skip-bo
  • Home to the hubby

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