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… of Eminem and my change of heart…

when I first heard Eminem, I was appalled. He had become the voice of a generation. A loud, obnoxious, violent, terrible example for kids voice. I could not believe the shit that was coming out of his mouth. For years, I refused to listen to anything new that he put out. For years I continued to hate Eminem and everything he stood for. I’m not saying that I didn’t give him the props that he certainly deserved for his immense talent, but I just hated the content of his music.

Recently, I heard his song, Beautiful and I loved it, and even more recently, I heard his new album, Recovery. I like quite a few of the songs. He’s still pretty nasty, but he’s softened. I still don’t think that young people should be listening to him describing how some “bitch” is “riding his dick”, but he’s not talking about raping anyone and I like more of his stuff now.



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