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Pre and postmortem photography…

I have decided that I want to take pictures of newborns, who are about to die or have just passed, with their families…

I know, right… You are thinking, “what the hell?” and until last night I would have agreed. But I discovered a website, that’s soul goal is to give families that one last, or in some cases, first AND last photo of their baby who will be gone soon or who has already passed. These photos are free to the parents and are done SO tastefully. The photographers are all working on a volunteer basis and donate to the case in order to be able to take part in this amazing charity. I hope, when I finish school and have the ability to photograph as well as the others, that I can help families get the memories of their babies that they so desperately want.

If you have the spare change, donate to this organization. I know I will be. The more we donate, the more families they can help.


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