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Something Wiccan This Way Comes

Something Wiccan This Way Comes 

            What is Wicca? Well, there is an old saying that goes, “If you ask 10 people what Wicca is, you’ll get 15 answers.” And honestly, that’s the putting it mildly. Wicca is a religion, but more so,  it is a way of life.


Wicca, though its roots lie in the ancient ways of our ancestors, is actually a relatively new religion that was founded in the UK in the late 1940’s by Gerald Gardner.


Based on nature worship, Wicca is a peaceful way of life that embraces nonviolence, freedom of thoughts and doings of the person, harmony between people, animals and the earth, balance in life, and the worship of Mother Earth as a whole through learning about and becoming one with the earth. .


Most, though certainly not all, Wiccans are polytheistic, (believing in more than one God or Goddess) but the Gods and Goddesses do not have a Devine “forgiver of sins” that washes all responsibility from our hands even before we do wrong. Wicca teaches those who follow the ways of how to take responsibility of ones own deeds and actions. Wiccans believe that The Goddess and The God are in all things natural. In The Wiccn Rede, The main concept is to do what you want, as long as you are not causing harm to anyone. And that INCLUDES not impeding on another person’s free will!


            Several, but again not all, Wiccans believe in doing Rituals and spellwork. They use the knowledge they have of  the moon’s and nature’s cycles not only in trying to make what they want come to them, (manifestation) but also in celebration of all of the Mother’s gifts and the bounty we receive from her daily. Ritual and spellwork of a TRUE Wiccan will NOT contain forcing another’s will. What you will find contain fertility, artistry, healing, happiness, wisdom, peace, friendship, guidance and sometimes even divination. You will find anything from saying only a few simple words, to lighting a candle, to oils, incense, tonics and rubs and even a full blown ceremony with all of the above and more. It all depends on the individual.


What Wicca is Not

  ~Wicca is not a cult like most media portrays. Wicca is recognized as a religion in the “Religious Requirements and Practices of Certain Selected Groups: A Handbook for Chaplains.”

~Wiccans DO NOT recruit.

~Wiccans are not devil worshippers. Most Wiccans don’t even believe in Satan because he was created by Christians, using the face of a beloved Pagan God, in order to scare Pagans to Christianity and to detour Christians from going to Paganism.

~Sacrificing any living thing is STRICTLY prohibited in Wicca.

~ Wiccans do not hex, charm, do love spells on others or even non harmful spells on people without their permission.

~Witches don’t ride brooms.

~NOT ALL Wiccans do ritual nude or skyclad. This is a personal preference of each individual. Some prefer to be nude because they feel closer to The Mother.

~Wiccans are not required to take part in sex acts or orgies. Some people incorporate sex acts with their partners into ritual for fertility reasons, or even just a way to celebrate nature’s gift of procreation. It is by no means a regular practice.

                         I hope this gives you the basics of Wicca. Enjoy your life and time with your loved ones. Blessed Be,


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