So, this started off as the 101 things to do in 1001 days project, but I was unable to limit myself to 101 things or 1001 days. (Updated 1/1/2016)

Here is the list:


  • meditate daily
  • dance at least once a week
  • practice Sabbats, Esbats and everything in between
  • establish holiday traditions
  • send a secret to postsecret
  • start a spiritual journal and continue to use it on a regular basis
  • practice deep breathing exercises
  • plan my funeral
  • begin and complete “A Year and a Day
  • spend 2 hours a month (consecutively) being silent while meditating or praying
  • write my personal statement
  • spend five minutes, every day, praying whole heartedly
  • make a list of 100 things you stand for (list)
  • complete 100 day reality challenge
  • read “12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women” by Gail McMeekin

Health / Wellness / Self-improvement

  • get another tattoo starting with Trinity’s tattoo
  • set up a weekly workout routine and follow it
  • track weight / fitness goals
  • start eating less meat
  • give up soda
  • spend one full day per month without TV or computer
  • draw up will, health care power of attorney and regular power of attorney
  • re-certify in CPR
  • learn the Heimlich maneuver
  • eat vegetarian for an entire month
  • keep a blog without missing more than 5 days a month
  • drink nothing but water for a full month
  • be able to jog a 10 minute mile with no stops or breaks
  • be silent for one full day (April 17 is the national day of silence)
  • if under 3 floors, always use the stairs
  • shave armpits and legs every 3 days
  • get up really early one day a week
  • go to bed earlier (by 11p)
  • get up earlier (by 8a)
  • learn basic first aid
  • go out to public social places to learn how to deal with and overcome anxiety 6/2013
  • embrace being 30 1/2009
  • do more things completely by myself
  • use lotion daily
  • get new glasses 11/2013
  • get properly measured for a bra
  • double the time it takes to eat
  • stick to 1500 cal, low fat, low sugar, low carb diet
  • take meds daily
  • go to the doctor when advised to
  • get a bikini wax
  • keep daily food journal
  • wash my face morning and night (proactive)
  • moisturize morning and night
  • check blood glucose at least twice daily
  • walk/run/jog at least 30 minutes a day in good weather
  • use face masque at least once a week
  • stop reading/watching tabloid “news” entirely
  • buy my first tankini when I hit 200 lbs.
  • go for one full day without complaining about anything (even in my head)
  • try a home waxing kit 3/14/2009 and it was TERRIBLE!!!
  • get a waist circumference of less than 45 inches
  • complete “couch to 5k running plan
  • complete “learning to love you more” assignments
  • get a new wardrobe when I hit 160 lbs.
  • listen to NPR more often
  • keep a daily one sentence journal
  • write in a paper journal 3 times a week
  • no eating after 8pm unless out with friends, but then only healthy and light
  • no carbs after 8pm
  • fast 2 times per month
  • get a makeover and practice new makeup tips on an ordinary day
  • buy more dresses/skirts (at least one per season)
  • learn to do an at home mani/pedi
  • buy a pair of real birkenstocks
  • stop biting fingernails
  • eat 3 meals per day, every day, except on fasting days
  • find and buy a pair of jeans that fit well
  • have skin tags removed
  • read “Honoring the Self” or “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
  • Write a letter to future self to put into time capsule
  • do a herbal detox for 20 days
  • quit smoking
  • do 15 – 20 crunches per day
  • take a dance class
  • wear makeup and do hair at least once a week
  • feel the fear and do it anyway
  • walk 5000 steps daily
  • brush teeth 2 times per day
  • use body lotion after every shower
  • lotion feet nightly
  • make a daily morning/afternoon/night routine and stick to it
  • go swimming once a month
  • find and maintain a beauty regimen
  • learn formal etiquette
  • buy a business suit
  • get a real facial every three months
  • get a breast reduction
  • get hearing checked 1/2014
  • make a list of health issues and take it to the doctor
  • Stop being a manipulator 2/2013
  • Stop letting yourself be manipulated 10/2013
  • be accountable for my words and actions

School / Work / Education

  • get a part-time job
  • learn French
  • learn basic sign language
  • learn photoshop
  • then learn to use it to its full potential
  • improve my typing speed
  • learn to type without looking at the keyboard
  • learn to drive a stick shift
  • learn more about politics and world affairs
  • learn ballet
  • learn more adjectives and use them. avoid too many “phenomenal”s and “fantastic”s
  • Read at least 3 banned books per year
  • learn how to use furoshiki
  • learn to play the harmonica
  • Learn all 50 states, their capitals and where they are on the map. I used to know this in 3rd grade but have since forgotten. that is so sad
  • read books on political science
  • publish anything weather it’s a letter to the editor, poem, photo, etc.
  • learn to cut veggies like a pro
  • memorize five poems in their entirety
  • keep a quote journal
  • improve my ability to do math in my head
  • learn new phrases and words, and how to properly use and spell them, to boost my vocabulary

Creativity / Crafts / Hobbies

  • make 10 homemade gifts 12/2013
  • write 101 haiku
  • start writing songs (or at least try to)
  • complete NaBloPoMo Oct-Nov/2008
  • complete 100_snapshots
  • tie dye a bunch of shirts and panties
  • make and hang a pretty welcome sign
  • make a sundress that fits me correctly
  • make a fleece tie blanket
  • learn to make flower leis
  • collage 5 projects
  • learn how to mat and frame photos
  • get a sewing machine and learn how to use it
  • write one short story per month
  • learn how to make a hippy skirt
  • learn how to make a necktie skirt
  • learn how to make a “kindergarten teacher” dress
  • learn how to make a peasant blouse
  • learn how to make bra and pantie sets
  • learn how to make a shift
  • write a comic
  • buy a writing prompt book and do 2 prompts per week
  • write a children’s (ish) book

Fun / Entertainment / Social / Travel / Music / Reading / Movies

  • treat myself to a weekend at a B&B with a girlfriend
  • actively research a European vacation, create the budget for it and implement a savings plan for it
  • take piano lessons

Home Improvement / Organization

  • paint living room
  • decorate the house the way we want it
  • get frames and put up pictures
  • create a daily chore list (including the chore, how often to do it and a schedule of when to do so) and stick to it
  • make the bed properly, every day
  • vacuum twice a week minimum
  • create a cookbook of my favorite recipes
  • use my organizer/planner regularly
  • get a large firebox for important documents
  • get an accordion file folder and properly file my bills
  • go through videos and dvds and get rid of the ones we don’t and won’t watch 7/2009
  • buy an original piece of art
  • throw away all of the underwear I have that I don’t wear done as of 10/28/08
  • clean the kitchen (dishes, sink, counters and stove) each night after dinner
  • buy a new comforter set with matching sheets (make sure to buy extra pillowcases for our 14 pillows) 12/2009
  • make cleaning rags out of tattered old clothes 2/2010
  • get an external hard drive 8/2010 (Thanks, Aimee G)
  • get an additional external hard drive as the 1st and second are already filled to capacity
  • keep up to date on the calendar, mark all appointments and important dates, change it on the 1st day of each month, check it daily
  • get rid of linens we don’t use 4/2009
  • get rid of linens we don’t use
  • do a major spring cleaning in EVERY part of the house and get rid of everything we don’t need, use or love
  • clean out the closets of any clothes I don’t and won’t wear
  • poop duty every other day so we don’t step in dog shit
  • clean litter boxes every other day
  • pull out appliances to clean under and behind them

Wife/ Furbabies / Family / Friends

  • weekly date night
  • go to a movie that she wants to see, even if I won’t like it
  • have a candle light dinner
  • go hiking at Stoney Creek and have a picnic
  • have a professional portrait of Nan, me and the Pups taken
  • learn to make healthy dog treats
  • walk Pups 3 times a week
  • see parents once every three months
  • See Granny and Grumps at least once a year
  • Have a day for just Christy and me
  • write letters to Granny and the Great One to tell them how much I love and appreciate them
  • make a completed family tree
  • get a professional picture of Mom, Dad, Christy, Autumn and me
  • send “just because” packages or letters to friends
  • send someone flowers or a plant
  • bake someone a surprise birthday cake
  • host a movie/game night
  • have a girl’s night
  • have a tea party with hats and gloves and the whole works
  • send birthday, anniversary, sympathy, thank you and thinking of you cards/E-mails on time and without missing a date
  • take an “us” picture 4 times a year (me & Nan; Nan, me, Cindy & Cam;  me and the Family; Our SCA Family)


  • start putting 20 dollars a week into a savings account
  • track cash spending
  • start clipping and using coupons
  • buy 2 lotto tickets a month
  • start a piggy bank for change, don’t touch it and put it into savings when full
  • create a budget and stick to it
  • keep a daily spending journal
  • open a CD at the bank when the economy balances out a bit

Activism / Community / Politics / Giving Back

  • participate in a large protest or large support event
  • volunteer to help in a political campaign for a person / cause I believe in
  • march in a LGBT parade
  • pick at least one cause that I believe in and fully, truly, actually become active within it
  • go to cemeteries to clean up neglected plots
  • buy fair trade and/or organic tea and coffee
  • vote in EVERY election


  • start recycling 10/2011
  • plant a garden
  • buy (or make) and use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic
  • put up clothesline to use for laundry 6/2015
  • set up outdoor compost bin
  • start using rechargeable batteries
  • take any used batteries to post office to recycle instead of throwing them away
  • switch over to cloth napkins instead of paper towels
  • build a bat box
  • make my own organic eco-safe cleaning supplies
  • plant a tree
  • reduce waste in my home 4/2014
  • when it’s time to replace light bulbs, buy energy savers instead 4/2014
  • water plants daily
  • grow herbs indoors to use in cooking


  • watch and photograph sunrise and sunset at least once per season
  • take pictures at all family/friend gatherings
  • make a virtual tour with photos of Southgate (with a map) for pen pals
  • complete project 365
  • take a self portrait each week
  • keep a month long digital journal on my blog
  • photo document a day in my life
  • send a picture to Jones Soda
  • begin creating my photography portfolio
  • get paid to photograph an event
  • do a photo scavenger hunt
  • take 100 photos and make a book that tells a story using no words
  • put all of my digital photos on snapfish
  • recreate the Ophelia portrait
  • be at a level of expertise where I know exactly how to configure my camera manually for any type of environment, then go buy a battery grip because then, I’ll officially be pro enough to have one


  • watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  • go stargazing at least once per season
  • go on a weekend trip with no plans and go where ever the road takes up
  • make a time capsule
  • send a message in a balloon
  • buy a mini voice recorder to audio journal (use it to recollect my past and all of the stories I tell over and over)
  • buy and install bookplates for any books I lend out
  • don’t use Social Media for a week
  • make a day in the life of video
  • put notes in random places (library books I borrow, table tops in restaurants, books in bookstores)
  • go to 4 galleries and festivals per year
  • send a message in a bottle
  • play in the mud and get dirty
  • find a wine that I like and drink a glass a week
  • get a large henna tattoo on my back or thigh
  • buy arm and leg warmers
  • find at least 50 adjectives to describe myself
  • play a FULL game of Monopoly
  • somehow acquire a medieval dress 6/2012
  • design a threadless tshirt
  • learn to be ambidextrous
  • sleep under the stars
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • get 5 awesome yet uncommon outfits
  • get ears re-pierced
  • get my nose pierced
  • get my tragus pierced
  • get my tongue re-pierced
  • get a marilyn piercing
  • buy a pair of Tom’s shoes

2 Responses to “The Betterment Project”

  1. 1 paulak
    February 6, 2011 at 9:54 am

    wow, did u get your tragus pierced? found this site about it! ! what do you think? Should i get mine pierced as well?

  2. February 7, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    I haven’t yet, but it is one of the things I have wanted to do for a long time. I think you should do it if you want to. I think it’s a damn sexy piercing.

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